Baby jasmin bike accident

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Baby jasmin bike accidentI'm sure you already know who Jasmin is. She is one of the most famous princesses out there. In this exciting new game we have prepared for you, you are going to meet the beautiful Jasmin as a child. She is kind of lonely, and that is why her father has recently bought a really nice bike for her, so she won't feel that lonely anymore. Since she is in the process of learning how to ride a bike, it is a little bit more dangerous at the beginning. In Baby Jasmin Bike Accident, you are going to help the adorable little Jasmin recover after injuring her hand in a bike accident. The first thing you will be doing will be to help treat her wound, so that it won't get infected. You will have to follow all of the steps indicated, because they are crucial. Once you have applied the bandage and cleaned her wound, you will then also get to help baby Jasmin feel better after her bike accident by choosing a really cute outfit for her to wear. You will be surprised to see how adorable baby Jasmin's clothes are, so you shouldn't encounter any problem in finding the perfect one. Just mix and match her clothes, and in the end you will create the perfect look. Have fun playing Baby Jasmin Bike Accident!

Baby jasmin bike accident Walkthrough